Phases of Gym Ownership -- What Phase are you?

At Level Method, we constantly assess and address our own product, market, and customers.

During this process, over the past few months, we noticed consistencies with gym owners from all walks of life and stages of gym ownership.

These consistencies seem to exist across variables such as region, culture, size and even business structure. We started to organize them into what we call the “PHASES OF GYM OWNERSHIP”.

These phases roughly outline what we see/hear as the desired “pinnacle” of gym ownership and the stages of growth to get there.

Each phase will look slightly different for different people, but our goal is to give a recognizable structure in which owners can relate, see their own stage of progress, and know if the Level Method is appropriate for them. In addition, it may give a sense of what an owner might want to think about to graduate a given phase... if this makes sense to them.

We welcome your feedback! Do you see consistency with your own experience? Is anything missing? Off-target? Comment below.