Supercharging Your Gym's Growth, Mastering AI Enhanced Content & Marketing Strategies PART 3 of 3

Welcome to the final installment of our 3-part series on AI Enhanced Content & Marketing strategies. We've covered a lot of ground already!  In our first blog, we looked at the 'WHY', at the vital importance of how Content & Marketing can supercharge your gym's growth. If you missed it, look HERE.
In our second dive, we jumped into the 'MACHINES', focusing on the 2 main systems:  Content Creation, and Marketing. Refresh your memory HERE.

Now let's look at the actual tools involved – exactly how to repurpose old content, and easily keep track of everything. We’ll also look at the best way to create new content fast, and what that flow looks like.


Chat GPT: The Actual AI 

This may not be a surprise, but Chat GPT takes center stage as the primary AI tool to leverage your time & efforts. It can help you generate high-quality content, engage with your audience, and bring your ideas to life

Transcription: Building a Text-based Foundation

To fully leverage the potential of Chat GPT, transcription is vital.  By transcribing videos, podcasts or any other audio content, you create a solid text-based foundation. 

  • One recommended transcription tool is Descript
  • Additionally, YouTube provides a free option for transcription, allowing you to upload videos and obtain their transcripts effortlessly. 
  • For the technically inclined, Mac Whisper offers an alternative solution with its powerful capabilities.

Video Editing: Seamlessly Enhancing Your Content

Video editing is  crucial in content creation, and having a reliable tool is essential. Ideally a video editor can do this work for you, but if that's not an easy option, Descript excels in transcription, and also offers seamless video editing. 

  • The intuitive features of Descript simplify the editing process, allowing you to refine & polish your videos, effortlessly.  
  • If you already have a preferred video editing application, you can integrate Chat GPT's generated text into your existing workflow.

The Right Investment: Tailoring Your Toolset

To assemble a complete toolkit, consider your specific needs & budget. 

  • Subscribing to Chat GPT, 
  • investing in transcription tools like Descript, 
  • and utilizing existing video editing software -- 

these equip you with everything needed. The total cost here ranges from $20 to $50/mo, depending on options & additional features. 

Once you have these tools, your process needs to be built out.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Tracking Sheet:

The first step in this content creation flow is to create a tracking sheet. This organizes & tracks your content ideas effectively. By using a Google sheet, you can easily duplicate & customize content to your specific needs. This plug-and-play approach saves time, and streamlines your content-planning process.

Get your free template here

Step 2 - Source* or Generate Diverse Content
Content creation begins with sourcing your valuable content.  Core content comes from various sources:

  • your own new videos, 
  • past videos, 
  • blogs, 
  • podcasts, 
  • or other relevant materials. 

Embrace the power of technology by leveraging voice recorders or your smartphone. Use your commute or long drives to record your thoughts & ideas on various topics. 

*A note on sourcing: When utilizing content from external sources, always maintain ethical practices. Give attribution to the original content creators: if you use ideas from podcasts, blogs or videos, provide a link or mention it in your content. This ethical approach ensures respect for intellectual property and fosters a positive content-creation ecosystem.

Step 3 - Repurpose Content

Video content in particular creates a lot of repurposing options, including 

  • clips, 
  • audio and 
  • transcriptions.

This maximizes creative possibilities. And once you have your core content -- whether blog or video -- you “plug it in” and process it using the tools we've been looking at.

Watch an overview of the process here

In the above video I run through a live example of repurposing a blog. With this info, you can build a powerful AI-enhanced content & marketing system. You'll refine your system over time, but just getting up & running is the priority. Don’t try to make everything perfect at first!

As we finish this series, you hold the blueprints to construct your own AI-enhanced content and marketing powerhouse. Keep in mind that any system you build should be adaptable, scalable, and most importantly, refined by you over time. Embrace the process, repurpose with purpose, and compound your success.