3 Ideas to Unlock Internal Revenue Growth for Your Gym

As a gym owner, you're always looking to grow your business -- more members, more impact, more profit. But there are so many promises out there that it's a challenge to determine what will work. Let's take a look at the essential Level Method strategies that can move you closer to your business goals.  

Kickstarts and Personal Training: Unlocking client Potential

What we call the “kickstart,” is a systematic way to onboard new clients.  It’s designed to give clients a taste of the benefits that come with one-on-one sessions. Your system might be different than ours, but the result/outcome should be the same: it should onboard and teach clients ‘how things are done around here.’

Clients feel more comfortable and confident, leading to even more success sessions down the road (one-on-one quality time with a coach). The personal training side is crucial in building ARM (Average Revenue per Member), but lasting value is in helping clients achieve their goals.  Higher value service (PT included) give you an opportunity to identify weaknesses and to provide highly customized solutions. This feedback loop helps clients meet their expectations, and simultaneously it drives growth by increasing transactional value and purchase frequency.

Success Sessions and Powerful Moments: Motivating clients to Achieve Their Goals 

Powerful moments motivate clients to Level Up, and they're vital in building gym loyalty and an even greater commitment to improving in all aspects of life.  By making a big deal about celebrating client achievements and handing out certificates, you encourage them to work harder and to achieve their goals. 

You rise above the average by creating extra value.  This involves finding out what each client needs, then offering personalized programs or specific workshops. The only way to know what someone wants is by asking them and then listening.

Success Sessions are a 20-60 minute one-one session with a coach in person, over zoom, or on the phone. They can sometimes be called Goal Sessions, but our Success Sessions aren’t focused on the goal for the goals sake. We want to find out what “success” looks like for the client, map a plan to create that reality, and see if there’s anything additional that would get them there faster. The Success Session is one of the most important linchpins in the system to generate more direct revenue in your business. 

A great side effect is that during these sessions, clients often request additional services that aren’t currently offered. They provide new and valuable ideas, and help you provide a better service!

General(ized) Programming: Identifying Opportunities to Generate Revenue

If you try to cram every possible variation, cycle, progression, into the regular day-to-day program, it turns out nobody's needs are met, and no one is happy.  The program should focus on fundamentals & fun. Plus, broad, general programming gives you an opportunity to offer your clients other higher value services (workshops, skills sessions, PT).

The goal is to create an environment where clients naturally raise their hand and say -- “Hey, I’d like additional help” -- while at the same time keeping the core program focused, again, on fundamentals & fun. 

From a raw business standpoint, ARM increases dramatically when you identify where clients want to improve, and then offer them personal training or side work.  Of course, the 'raw business' of selling can be uncomfortable, which is why it's essential to focus on what problem you can solve, or what pain you can eliminate, for your clients.

Kickstart sessions, and solid intro processes, provide value that makes clients more comfortable & confident. Subsequent success sessions provide one-on-one quality time with their coach. The key to membership growth for your gym is to make all this “selling” systematic, and to focus on solving problems & delivering value.

Long Term Success

The key to long-term success is attracting clients who stay forever, and who refer their friends. It’s all about relationships and creating a place where relationships are created, people connect, bring friends, make friends. 

Success sessions, global assessments, powerful moments, community events, and parties create opportunities for connection, and they make people happy, that in turn indirectly makes your gym money. Hosting community events and parties can attract new people, friends, and family, to your gym. They share their experiences on social media, and help increase your visibility in the community. 

What sales isn’t about.

Making more money is about more than bringing in new clients. It's about delivering value to your current membership -- addressing their needs by offering personalized programs and workshops. 

By implementing strategies like the Thousand ER Challenge, you can offer unique programs that meet their goals while benefiting your gym. By focusing on community events, powerful moments, and success sessions, you improve retention and attract new clients through referrals and social media.

Remember that selling is not about being pushy or aggressive. It's about solving problems, eliminating pain, and achieving client goals. 

These tips and strategies -- excellent service, personalized programs, a supportive community -- transform gyms away from hoping… to planning and executing. Thriving gyms are built by systems-oriented, professional people who are obsessed with having happy and satisfied clients.