Andrew Rape's Secret to Owning Mulitiple Businesses Successfully

Most people reading this are entrepreneurs. We either own at least one business or intend to. We know how overwhelming owning a single business can be.

Yet, we also know of people like Andrew Rape. People that own several businesses, and do it well. If one business can be so overwhelming, how do these people do it?

For Andrew, the answer is rooted in a very self-aware mindset. He knows what he is good at and the very best role he can play within the success of the business.

First, he talks about what motivates him to push for this type of success. He starts by describing a property he set out to buy that he visualized in meditation and represents a success for his family.

He realized that his perfect role is the one you might not expect as an owner and leader. He starts this clip with an analogy of what that role is and why he prefers it.

Here he explains superpowers and what he brings to the table in business operations as well as general life.

His advice on one of the biggest barriers people need to overcome to be a successful business owner.

His trick to building relationships for business (an approach most people resist) and how he thinks about himself in those relationships.

A simple summary of the ultimate reason he is able to run so many businesses at once.

Andrew shares much more detail about his journey in the full podcast found here.

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