Body Image vs Reality and How Level Method Supports Positive Body Image

“I want to lose weight”
“I want to tone up, but not bulk up”
“I want to look like her”

When you ask women (and some men) that first walk into a group fitness gym what they want to achieve, the above quotes will summarize the most common answers.

According to Sarah Giosi, who recently sat down with Scott Rammage for the Legion Chalk Talk, The problem is these goals are either either not realistic to achieve (we can’t all look like Tia Clair Toomey), or are focused on the wrong metric to yield long term satisfaction with body image.

Your aesthetic goals may be hurting you.

In this clip she talks about how common fitness “goals” might not actually be realistic or even healthy. She describes a better way to reframe goals by allowing them to “meet you where you are”.

Being more aware of your body brings a healthier perspective.

In this clip she discusses how Level Method creates a different type of fitness awareness that creates a connection to how to progress on a fitness journey without relying on the scale or aesthetic results. It creates a “connectedness of body” that helps the mental perception of success meet what is actually physically optimal for a given person.

Fitness setbacks are natural and expected.

Finally, she talks about how body transition periods such as pregnancy or even a quarantine can amplify some of the issues related to body image and how to reign that back in and reconnect with yourself. She uses her own traumatic pregnancy experience as an example.

To summarize her main point, Level Method is one tool of many that can help give coaches the ability to re-frame what fitness is to a measurable physical result that leads to one of the most important parts of fitness: One’s mental acceptance, appreciation, and confidence in their own body.