A Coaches Real Job

Your primary job as a coach is to get results for your clients. 

That doesn't mean the results you want for them... it's the results they want, defined by them

You need to know what your client wants (their goal, their defined result), and you need to know their purpose -- the why

Why are they even here? Once you know this, you know their emotional fuel.  

When you know what clients want, and why they want it, you can coach them more effectively. You align with them and use your expertise so they achieve their goals, fast.  It's about getting results.

In my early days of coaching I had a client (working Mom in her 30s) who consistently came to the 5:45a class. 

She had lots of potential, but I felt she needed to take her training more seriously!  

One morning we were doing an assessment workout, and she wasn't pushing as hard as I knew she could.  I walked off the floor feeling bothered -- she wasn't reaching the results I wanted for her. 

At the time, I was neck-deep in fitness. It was a big part of my life and I was projecting my goals on her -- a massive mistake of inexperience. 

She was not there to squeeze out every possible extra rep, or to totally maximize her fitness to the absolute highest degree possible. 

She was there to be a healthy role model for her kids, to be out of pain, and to have energy to make it through the day and maybe enjoy an evening treat without feeling guilty. 

She wanted to be consistent, Level-up weaknesses, and maintain body-fat below 18%. 

I didn't know any of that, until I sat down with her and asked her what she wanted, and why she wanted it. 

It is a mistake to assume people want what I want, for the reasons I want them. 

"What!?!  You don't want to crush your competition and impress everybody by how fit you are? That's crazy!"

In a gym environment, there are not a lot opportunities to sit down and learn what someone wants, and why they want it...

You may find yourself immersed occasionally in a deep conversation, but it's much better to schedule it. 

That is the Success Session -- a "coaching call" -- 20 or 30 minutes where you focus and get clarity. 

It's the best way to learn about your clients, to help them clarify what they want and why they want it -- to develop a success plan. 

If you're not asking these important questions … you are failing your clients.

Your primary success is that your clients get results.  Without knowing the what & why, you might get lucky, but you will not be consistent.

With Level Method we go through a step-by-step process that ends with a clear set of actions for the client, and invaluable knowledge for the coach. If you want to learn more about it, go HERE.