Level Method

Gym Owners: Are you right for the Level Method

For some gyms and gym owners, the Level Method is NOT a fit...We’ve learned from experience that Level Method works best for Experienced Gym Owners who have been in the game for a while.There are a few reasons for that, which I’ll get to in a sec... But first, it’s important that you know the stats of the TYPICAL Gym Owner in the Level Method Legion (who responded to the poll):

Years of Gym Ownership Years Coaching Experience Years in the Fitness Industry
6.3 8.9 13.4

Here are the top reasons these gym owners love having the Level Method in their gym.

Take a specific example:
“2 things so I'll split between product and service.  1) The MAP - It's a bright, beautiful eco-system that underpins everything we do, it brings everyone together, and it makes them feel "at home" in a way that CrossFit misses out. It's comprehensive and leaves nothing out. 2) The service. Nathan and the team are top of the game and lead by example. Surround yourself with people like this at every opportunity. Support from them and the community is incredible. I cannot believe how hard the team works to be there and help everyone find solutions. Thank you LM 🙏" - Matt Southam, Owner of Full Range Fitness

This isn't all about how great the Level Method is, but it does illustrate the quality and experience of our gym owners…

There is a REASON we attract the best in the business.

The Level Method solves problems that are found within the group-fitness model … but it takes a few years to become aware of these problems.

So is the Level Method right for you?

That depends on where you are in your thinking as a business owner and community leader.

With Level Method, Your...
  • coaching, scaling and classes are consistent and streamlined (so the experience is the same for every class)
  • programming is automatically scaled for each member, with comprehensive coaching notes included (so coaches can focus on coaching, and members stay safe).
  • members are engaged and invested in getting better (so they want your highest value services)
  • members stay longer, and become raving fans (so they tell all their friends about you)
  • members have goals, and get excited about their progress (so they stay motivated with their progress)
  • program stands out from the crowd and shows everyone how you’re different (so you’re not just another gym doing that ‘dangerous fitness thing’)
  • members are consistently rewarded and celebrated for their success, within a systems framework (so there's a celebration EVERY time, and your members feel like rockstars)
  • coaches can easily see the fitness level of every member (so they can develop better relationships, and deliver awesome insights and higher level coaching)
  • members stay safer and prevent injuries (so you can protect your members, and guide them appropriately)
  • members are guided, so 1) they don’t do anything before they’re ready, and 2) even timid members are encouraged
  • regular-folks members reach their fitness goals faster and safer than ever before, and become raving fans of your gym (so your business grows, and you build the life and freedom you want)
  • members and prospective members understand CrossFit and functional fitness better (so they really understand the why behind everything, and buy in at a deeper level)
If you want all this, the Level Method is right for you!

BUT, some prerequisites before implementing the Level Method are...

  • You’ve owned a gym for at least 3-5 years.
  • You understand that BEGINNERS are the pathway to a successful business, to long term gym growth, and to positively affecting more lives.
  • You have a TEAM in place, and run regular team meetings
  • You run a tight operation in your gym, and understand the fundamentals of business (preferably you’ve gone through mentoring/coaching to improve your business.)
  • You’re interested in SYSTEMS and PROCESSES to streamline your business.

If you can answer yes to all this, schedule a Discovery Call ASAP, to get a deeper understanding of what we do.