Hold the Standard ♠️

I met Eric LeClair in 2008, a couple months after I got out of the Army. 

Over the following years, he taught me what it took to be a great coach… he led by example. 

He put his arm around me, dispensing advice and wisdom as we walked. I always appreciated him... his care, his leadership. 

He would stand in front of a large crowd of people, a sea of red shirts (his gym color), and rouse them -- filling everyone with powerful emotions, excitement, pride.

When I first created the Level Method, I was proud to show him what I’d done; he was my biggest supporter, spreading the word, lifting me up. 

If you knew him, I’m sure his death took you by surprise, as it did for me, and for everyone I’ve talked to. 

Denial. Shock. Outright disbelief. Are you SURE this really happened? 

He was in a bad place, mentally, emotionally. He clearly lost his way, but he hid it well. 

There is no rationalizing, no logic that can explain things, and that makes it all really scary, doesn’t it?  

I wish he’d made a different choice, but that last choice does not outweigh the countless good choices he made in his life. Not even close. Eric changed lives. He was a force for good. 

He will be missed, and never forgotten.

If you would like to support Eric’s family, wife Elise and two young children, Eleanore and Rhett -- please consider donating here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/eric-leclair-memorial-fund

Never Forget