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How to Increase Average Cient Value... Even Post Pandemic

Most gym owners are currently in survival or ‘get back to normal’ mode.

Gyms gotta do what they gotta do right now.

That being said, the sooner a gym owner can pull back to 50,000 feet and implement long term strategies, the better positioned they’ll be for the tidal wave of opportunity coming their way.

With this spirit in mind we felt a series that Nathan had written in the past would be perfect right now.

Within this series titled “How to Increase Average Client Value” you will take away the following:

  • A tremendously valuable way to think about divvying up your time as you reactivate your staff (this will make you WAY more effective and productive)
  • A framework to automate and systemize one of your most time consuming and important tasks (especially as you build back your member base) so you can spend more time on the things that matter most
  • A genius way to psychological reward your members as a part of this system while engaging and educating the community about the incredible benefits you offer your members (so they become your biggest fans and as fast as possible)
  • All of the physical tools you need to implement these concepts (so you have to create/do/think as little as possible to get all of this in place)

Ultimately, you'll walk away with the potential for a higher Average Client Value and a more valuable, systemized business overall, which means a stronger, healthier, more fulfilling business for you!

And that all comes from simply taking the time to read this series… and the first step starts with the article below. Enjoy!

A Proven Way to Increase Average Client Value (it's probably not what you think) [PART 1]