It's Time to Toot Your Horn

What’s going to happen in the coming 2-6 months?

It feels like there is much more we DON’T know than we do.

But there are two options: Be controlled, or control.

In order to best control, we need guiding principles, core values, that direct our actions when there are lots of unknowns. These are forces that pull us towards safety and wisdom, like a brilliant light house in dark, stormy seas.

It may be time to double down on the important aspects of your culture, and toot your own horn about them, too.  

Why toot your own horn? Because without communicating to your people what you stand for, you’re hoping they’ll align and get it…

The world is in a growth phase, we must grow with it, or be left behind in the dust and grime.

Think about your strengths as a gym owner, a coach, an entrepreneur, and a business.

Reflect on the unique capabilities that will support you through coming challenges, and take advantage of opportunities no matter the size.

Build your outlook and mental momentum. Take charge. Ask: what kind of company do you want to be?

How do you want to position yourself given what we have learned in the past few months and the direction the world is going?

Following our own advice, we took our own core values and thought about how they have benefited us in recent months, and how they will do so in the coming months as well.

Here they are, food for thought:

Keep Things Simple

We stay aware of complexity creep, and from the products, processes, and systems we create, to the services we provide, we keep things simple.

This has allowed us to be nimble and evolve in crisis and ever changing situations. We are currently re-visiting some of our systems to stress test for complexity and review for opportunity

Customer Obsession

We go above and beyond to provide outstanding customer service that consistently make them successful and make them say WOW.

Doubling down on this has served us very well. When COVID initially hit, we focused on our clients survival and how we could have an active role in helping them through this. This led to the birth of the resilience challenge. An initiative that came together in a very short period of time and, by working together as a community, had a huge impact.

This value also made sure we are aware of all of our client segments and ensure we are doing our part to respond to the needs of our Black owners in a time when they need our support.

Similarly, we have been focused on providing information and value in the wake of the CrossFit controversy from all perspectives in order to provide the tools to decide what to do.

Outcome Focused

We start with the end in mind, and consistently and clearly define what success looks like.

The definition of “success” right now is a moving target. Lately we’ve needed to adjust intended outcomes for projects much more than usual…. But the concept has made a massive impact and continues to do so.

High Integrity

We always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.

Nuff said.

Personal Ownership

We hold ourselves and others to high standards, and take ownership of Level Method's success and to our own areas of responsibility.

Again, a “high” standard is a moving target at the moment. That said, the important component to this value is TAKING OWNERSHIP of our own success. Our success is in our hands. There are conditions the world is creating that we cannot control, but it’s our responsibility to adapt and control our response to those conditions in a way that will lead to a positive outcome for our community and in turn, our business.


We are long-term minded and focused on maximizing value and minimizing costs so we continuously build a margin of safety.

This value has allowed us to invest in opportunities in times when resources are low in order to serve our community. It has also allowed us to focus on providing value rather than our basic survival in time of crisis.

So here are some questions for you:

How have your values served you in these times?

Are there any you are eliminating?

Any new ones you are adding?

Share your perspective with us! The reason? It could really help someone else who has similar challenges.

We may do a follow up if we can get some perspective from our community in this.