What is Level Based Fitness? (and what does it have to do with CrossFit's Dave Castro?)

What is Levels Based Fitness?

We’d define it as:

A system that provides goals, workouts, and scaling based on a person’s current level of fitness, strengths, and weaknesses.

In order to know someone’s fitness level (and their strengths and weaknesses) we need an assessment that accurately determines someone’s level of strength, power, stamina, aerobic conditioning, and coordination among others.

In a recent instagram post, CrossFit Games Director Dave Castro posted about a system he came across in a CrossFit gym. He wrote about it:

“(A gym I was visiting) showed me their athletic level system. Over the years I have come across various systems like this that some gyms use. Way more don’t use them then do. I can see arguments for both ways. I personally think they are cool to have.”

Here is the full post for reference (take note of the comments section):

There are countless amazing benefits to using a system like this, but here are a few primary points:

  • Easily identify specific fitness weaknesses
  • Allow a simpler and more effective way to create a plan to get fitter
  • Clearly identify when progress is made
  • Create many more opportunities for the psychological benefit of success on the journey. ie PRs (we call these powerful moments)

While there are many forms of Level Systems out there (some coming on the scene over a decade ago), none have put the effort and focus into creating a complete, easy to use and widely adopted solution... except Level Method, that is.

If you are curious about the difference a system like this can make for your gym, check out these videos of member perspectives on LM. I displays many different perspectives on why Level Method has made incredible positive impact on the

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