Level Method

How to Leverage Level Method to Upsell

Level Method Assessments show someone 15 dimensions of fitness for each client.

That allows the identification of very specific, fitness-related goals, and relative weaknesses within your individual members AND the gym as a whole.

Once we know where someone is, we can show them where they can go.

Fact: Assessments and levels are a powerful way to create strong desire… and gives you more ways to provide better services to your clients to get them there FASTER.

The sales word for offering your clients more products/services is ‘upselling.’ But, really, it’s just a “VALUE OFFER.”

Upselling is just a way to give clients more value, and a faster path to reach their goals. You’re not offering more value to be a salesperson… you’re doing it to be a better coach, to HELP YOUR CLIENTS MORE, to enrich their lives.

That is a super healthy thing and ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.

Plus, to have a healthy business, you MUST provide as much value as possible. This means systemizing how you upsell.

With the Level Method, there are 2 ways to provide more value:

Individualized Value Strategy

Individualized value offers might include:

  • Personal training
  • Workshops
  • Specialty classes
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Gear recommendations

A few specific powers of the individualized value offers

  • Incredibly personal - this means we can find both easier and more difficult goals to shoot for. This lends the opportunity to manufacture wins (meeting easier goals) which establishes momentum and motivation while the more difficult goals are longer-term and keep the client focused and striving over time.
  • Higher ticket items - individual upsells tend to be more often administered over time which provides stability for the business and higher overall impact to the bottom line.

Methods to determine optimal value offers for an individual:

  • Goal-setting sessions - a planned meeting to talk about personal assessment results and any goals the client may have related to those results or otherwise. Here is an article that breaks down in great detail how to best execute goal sessions.
  • Personal conversations - don’t discount the day to day conversation as a way to better understand how you could better serve your clients. Think about training your coaches with this with this in mind through a process or scripts.
  • Marketing - the above methods can be primed through your constant reminder of philosophy and opportunity through public-facing marketing messages.

Group Value Strategy

Group Value Offers:

  • Workshops
  • Specialty classes
  • Nutrition Challenge
  • Competitions (in house and external)

Powers of the group value offers

  • Builds community - attacking weaknesses, meeting challenges and growing together creates an incredibly strong community-based bond.
  • Leverages social pressure/proof - when “everyone is doing it” it makes the draw to invest further that much stronger.
  • Safety in numbers (lower psychological barrier to entry) - particularly true in relation to “putting yourself out there” in forms of competition or a significant challenge. When you have the support of your friends going through the same thing it makes it much easier to overcome that barrier.
  • Single event options = lower ticket items with higher volume sales - a lower price point means a broader audience can take advantage of the benefits. In addition, because a number of sales happen at once this can represent a larger cash injection into the business. This can be utilized to bridge natural yearly downtimes or for funding things like gym improvements.

Methods to find appropriate options for your community:

  • Gym wide weaknesses - Level Method provides a level based view of where your community could use some help. This gives solid proof of a need for a workshop or specialty class and genuine reasoning why the community should participate.
  • Polls - Ask your members how you can best serve them better. Public display of poll results is a perfect way to put social proof to work.
  • External network (workshop leaders and competitions) - venturing out of the gym walls together can extend the strength of the community building effect.
  • Marketing - Messages about building the community, growing together, and lifting each other up can help the impact of the group upsell advantage.

Ultimately, the power of Assessments is one of the main advantages that Level Method provides you to BOOST your revenue, and change more lives!  You’ll help your members more, have a more stable/sustainable/long term business, and meet personal goals.

Don’t miss this article about how to better execute goal sessions as an integral part of your value offer strategy.