The Mentality of Excellence and "Setting the Standard"

The owner of a high-quality gym thinks differently than the owner of an average gym. They approach things with a mentality that sets them apart.

This can take many forms but for a gym owner named Ben Olin of “The Standard” CrossFit, from Toledo Ohio, the difference is crystal clear

In this article, he talks about how he approaches running his gym in a way that makes his members addicted to being a part of the gym and craving that experience when visiting other gyms.

Why his target member avatar is… him

What characteristics he possesses that creates passion for helping others like him.

What less than “ideal” personality trait drives him to get better

It led to him acquiring the elusive L3

Some of the key details that drive an excellent member experience

The stoic thought process that helps with doing hard things for the betterment of the community

He describes two examples of commonly dreaded tasks all gym owners have to take on at some point: Firing members and implementing change.

How taking “competition” out of the typical thought process can elevate the experience

He describes two situations (one related to members within his gym and one related to competing gyms in his area) that he feels benefit his members tremendously.

How Level Method can elevate the experience for members and coaches.