Specific Ways to USE Mission and Values with Brian Zimmerman

We all know company mission and values are important.

The philosophical reasons of why mission and values are so important are the ones that business coaches seem to always reference when guiding you to write yours.

That said, using them in the real world can easily slip off the radar.

Having worked on mission and values for dozens (if not hundreds) of companies in my past, there are few times I have heard practical and specific uses of mission and values like Brian Zimmerman describes in this Gym Mastery podcast episode. I found it incredibly helpful, I hope you do too.

Using personal values to determine financial projections within the company.

Using mission and values to survive a pandemic.

Using mission and value principles as guidance in crucial conversations

Using mission and values to avoid drama in the gym.

Referencing an example in which Brian didn’t use mission and values as guidance in a decision he probably shouldn’t have made.

Listen to the entire episode of the Gym Mastery Podcast with Brian Zimmerman here.

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