Relentless Forward Motion

Many years ago, I was an ultra marathoner and I still remember something that another runner told me when we were completing a long trail run.

She said... "R.F.M. Relentless Forward Motion"

That phrase has stuck with me; you've got to continuously push forward. And I know that we can’t keep going with “RFM” if we don’t have the help of other's experience, new ideas, support and the resources needed.

When doing a 50 mile race, I needed other runners to tell me about potential challenges coming up, or to remind me that the uphill would eventually turn into a down hill, I needed them to tell me about the best new running gear that would make my running more successful, more comfortable and help me to get faster times; I needed the resources and encouragement to keep going.

Guess what? Owning a gym (and entrepreneurship in general) is just like an Ultra Marathon...

And the Level Method Mastermind (LMM) is that group of people supporting you, giving you an edge. The LMM is a group of gym owners who want to be better. We want to be better at owning a gym. We want to be better at helping people. We want to be better at making our coaches better. We want to be better at bringing in more revenue.

You get the point.

When I was invited to the first Level Method Mastermind, I didn’t know what it was, what I was going to get, or if I would have  anything of value to add to the rest of the group.

But I was very pleasantly surprised how much I learned from it and also how much I was able to share and help others.

Now, I know I will be a part of every MasterMind that Level Method ever offers...

We are entrepreneurs and we know that if we aren't moving forward, then we are moving backwards. Stagnation is death to our bodies and to a business and we’ve all worked way too hard to get to where we are now.

Having a group of people who truly understand the challenges and successes of your daily gym life is absolutely invaluable. Every Thursday I looked forward to the MasterMind calls and NEVER left feeling dissatisfied.

You know that feeling when you do a tough workout with a group and build this camaraderie that is so much stronger than 'normal' experience... That’s how I felt every time I left the Mastermind calls.

It’s like: we are in this together.

We have each other’s backs. We are The Legion.

One person's strengths were someone else’s weaknesses and vice versa. After every call, everyone’s weaknesses got a little stronger.

Now multiply that by 13 weeks and again by the relationships that were built and have continued on months after the Mastermind completed.

The accountability that your members need to come into the gym is the same type of accountability that we as gym owners need to always be improving.

So, was the time I put into the Mastermind worth it?
Yes, I was able to bring in more revenue.
Yes, we were able to increase retention.
Yes, we were able to increase our income per member.
Yes, we learned and implemented personal and business systems.

Although, that was just the beginning! We just had our highest revenue month since opening our gym 12 years ago. You should come see for yourself what all the hype is about. You WON’T be disappointed.

We're almost out of time for the 2021 edition, so if you're considering it GO HERE to learn more.