Supercharging your gym's growth, mastering AI enhanced content & marketing strategies. Part 2 of 3


In our last blog, we went over the critical role of AI-enhanced content and marketing strategies for gym owners, emphasizing:

  • The secret that streamlines effort and reduces overwhelm
  • the importance of focusing on revenue in your gym
  • the two big problems gym owners face when it comes to content and marketing
  • the difference between strategies and tactics 

You can check that out HERE

Now we’re exploring the 'Machines' at play. Machines are the systems that should be created to make sure consistent actions are taken.

There are 2 of them: 1) Pillar Content Creation, and 2) Marketing

Machine 1: Pillar Content Creation

Pillar CONTENT refers to the most critical and relevant content for your business. It should be the foundation of your communication and align with your brand, representing who you are and what you stand for.  

A successful company identifies the pillars that define its unique identity, and focuses on those. 

For Content creation, you have two options:

  • Create new Content: Starting from scratch, and recording video/audio, or writing a blog
  • Repurpose old Content: Taking something you’ve already made, then re-using it, or adapting it for a different medium. For example, take an old video, transcribe it, and post it as a blog.

Machine 2: Marketing

Marketing is everything that leads up to a purchase.  We’ll focus on two important areas: 

  • Lead Magnets: Some badass resource, or an “irresistible” offer, that attracts high quality leads. 
  • Campaigns: They build relationships, generate buzz, and drive specific actions.

The first and highest priority in any marketing effort is to develop a compelling lead magnet – a valuable offering that attracts potential customers to engage with your brand. This is a must.

If it's not already in place, this should be your priority. If you do this right, you will  have an asset that literally brings you a stream of leads. Too many gyms have weak lead magnets or none at all … and they wonder why people aren’t coming through the doors. 

If you do have an awesome lead magnet pipeline in place, then focus on a specific campaign, that builds relationships, buzz, and drives specific actions.

Campaigns can focus on 

  • current onboarding (like a welcome series), 
  • member engagement (like a long term nurture series) or 
  • past member activation (maybe linking to the lead magnet you built).

These are all great places to start. If you build them properly, they can be reused as a permanent asset.

The two machines, 1) Content and 2) Marketing, are our framework. Distilling everything down, we can see there are 4 options: 

  1. Create and publish new content
  2. Repurpose completed past work
  3. Create a lead magnet for your website or ads
  4. Create a multiple step engagement campaign for any purpose

To move fast, focus on 2 & 3 – repurposing past work, and building your lead magnet. 

When building content for your gym, there are generally only a few priorities. Determine which is most important to you right now, then focus on that every week, for a dedicated block of time. 

For example, if it's repurposing past work, set your calendar with a recurring weekly 1-hour block, that says “Work on Content Repurpose System.”

Does all of this work? Well, this blog is based off a transcript from a presentation we did Live to the Level Method Legion. It’s a real-world example of repurposing content. While the presentation and this blog are similar, the process of repurposing has changed the nature, and it allows for on-the-fly updates (like this one). 

In my next blog, we’ll look at the actual tools involved – exactly how to take old content, repurpose it, and easily keep track of everything. We’ll also look at the best way to create new content fast, and what the actual flow looks like. Everything will come together nicely.