Member Retention

Why text marketing for gyms is more important than ever (and it was already really important)

If you’re not texting your members and prospects (AKA text marketing) consistently, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Especially right now.

Here is an outline of some of the basics about why you might want to start and how to make it effective.

Relationships Are King

And one of the best ways to keep your relationships strong is through communication, not just public communication, but personal… one on one. Through texting, you are cutting through all the noise (and increased online competition) as businesses work to be heard.

Make Contact

Goal #1 is to actually make contact with your clients.

The vast MAJORITY of messages on social or email are not even seen, and a MUCH higher percentage (research shows up to 98%) of text messages will be read.

Plus a text feels more personal, like a friend communicating with you.

Tips From In the Trenches

  • CLEAR OPT IN - Make sure you have a clear opt-in for non-members or people you don’t have an existing relationship with. Text can be perceived as invasive when someone is not expecting it.
  • NORMAL LANGUAGE - Write like you are texting someone. Keep it short, personal, and as though you are expecting a reply.
  • BE ON THE BALL - Respond quickly. Meet people’s expectations for normal texting etiquette.
  • BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP - If you can, look to have a back and forth conversation before pushing a call to action, ESPECIALLY for a prospect or non member. You need to warm them up and earn their trust. Once you have them warm there is less need for back and forth.
  • DON’T KEEP ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET - Text marketing is just a component of a complete marketing strategy. Make sure you are still pushing other forms of marketing such as social media, email, face to face, etc.

Costly Mistakes

  • BUYING PHONE NUMBERS - Purchasing or acquiring phone numbers without a clear opt-in or adequate relationship is a bad idea. Don’t do it, unless you know what you’re doing.
  • BEING ANNOYING - Making the text too long, salesy, or pushing a call to action too early. You are more likely to be perceived as invasive.
  • BEING ANNOYING PART 2 - Sending too many messages without any interaction. Be respectful.


  • PLATFORM - Nathan recommends to streamline managing text marketing -- they have a completely FREE option that will take care of most of your needs.  
  • LAWS - There are laws about the use of phone numbers for marketing. Here is a good resource to ensure compliance, but we always recommend to do your research!

Do you have any suggestions or case studies to share related to text marketing? Comment below!