Beliefs. Standards. *Gym Ownership* During a Pandemic

As a gym owner, you are a resource and an authority in health and wellbeing.

You are leaders

  • Good leaders see the big picture
  • Good leaders think in the best interest of the community they serve
  • Good leaders do the hard thing when necessary
  • Good leaders lead by example

Your messages and actions affect the lives and lively-hoods of those you lead.

Stay true to your values and the reason people trust you with that leadership in the first place.

There are two options: hold the standards, or be substandard.

The standard is doing the details right, and taking the necessary precautions to keep people safe.

Substandard is relaxing because you aren’t sure which precautions are really necessary, or what the big deal is.

The standard is consistently communicating to members about what you’re doing, why, and how it affects them.

Substandard is assuming they know everything, and are good to go.

The standard is taking extra steps, even if inconvenient, for the benefits of the community as a whole.

Substandard is going the easy route because it’s more convenient.

Keep these ideas in mind:

  • It’s better to plan, be prepared, be safe, and do the details right, than to NOT do those things.
  • Making decisions based on convenience or comfort can have short term feel-good-benefits but can also severe long term consequences.
  • Members may request or even demand things based on their belief systems that put your business, the community, or even themselves at a risk level that simply doesn’t make sense based on available options. You, as the leader, have got to make the hard decisions.
  • PLAN FOR THE WORST CASE: Be smart. Even if it’s a small possibility, consider a plan if you, a client, or a staff member gets COVID. Hope for the best, sure, but a plan will give you the resources to act quickly. It’s better to be smart.

Remember the big picture. Your situation may  be different than many but can always change dramatically (and fast), as it has for countless folks around the world. As you navigate through this crazy time, stay focused on what you can control, do the details right, lead by example, and hold the standard.