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Kenny Markwardt Describing Phase 4 Gym Ownership

Kenny Markwardt is what we would call a Phase 4 Gym Owner.

In this previous article we define the title of “Phases of 4 Gym Ownership” in detail, but to sum it up: it’s the stage of gym ownership that yields the opportunity for the owner to experience their own definition of a “perfect day” more often than not.

In this article, Kenny describes his version of optimal gym ownership and some strategies he used to get there.

First, what’s it like to own a Phase 4 Gym?

Kenny describes his average day and defines what being “Mayor” means.

Here he talks about how he found his “perfect day” and what role at his gym keeps him fulfilled.

Passing “the bus test”

While the details of the Phase 4 definition can vary widely one typically consistent requirement is that the gym is not reliant on its owner to operate.

In other words, the owner can step away for a period of time and the gym won’t skip a beat.

Kenny Markwardt describes how he worked up to this status and some of the strategies he used to get there.

Here he describes a common limiting belief that often inhibits progress to becoming “free” of your business.

He also elaborates on an unexpected challenge he had to overcome related to achieving “Bus Test” passing status.

The #1 thing

If you are a gym owner that is struggling or believes there is more to gym ownership than the current experience… here is the number one thing Kenny recommends to do.

Level method is designed for gym owners that have mastered business fundamentals and are heading toward (or in the beginning stages of) phase 4 gym ownership.

If you know you could use a push in the right direction when it comes to nailing the fundamentals, we highly recommend Two Brain business mentorship.