Systematic Scaling with Levels Considerations

Levels Considerations

The fact is, we already level out all of our workouts into 6 Levels, so aren’t we already considering levels? 

Well -- yes, and no. Each workout in the program considers overall levels, from WHITE to BROWN. 

Each Level of the workout is approximately appropriate for the entire spectrum of that level – from BLUE to BLUE III, as an example. 

But, there’s a problem because of the variation between people. Someone might be BLUE overall, but have BROWN and ORANGE category levels – strengths and weaknesses. 

Depending on the category levels, and the workout specifics (systems, movements), if this person does the BLUE workout, it might not be the workout exactly right for them based on intent. 

This is where Levels Considerations come in. 

The real name of this would be Level Category Consideration… but we shorten it to Levels Consideration

Now, we can customize a workout based not only on an overall Level, but on individual Levels that pertain to a workout. 

Let’s say that there are Deadlifts, Box Jumps & Pushups in a breathe & burn workout. 

A female BLUE athlete walks in with an ORANGE III in UB Push, but a PURPLE II in DeadliftBox Pushups would be best for safety and consistency -- scaling down for a slightly lower UB Push Level and referencing the workout for appropriate adjustments. But for Deadlifts we can bump it up to PURPLE, her level of demonstrated competence -- this allows an appropriate Deadlift weight for her, that matches our intention for the workout. 

This athlete could have gone through the workout just fine, at BLUE.  But  with Levels Considerations we can hit the bull's-eye of the workout’s intention, by customizing the workout systematically. 

Members can help manage themselves in this: remind them to check their specific Levels before class, so they have an idea of what they can do. This gives your members yet another reason to be confident that each workout is exactly right for them, and something they can’t get anywhere else.